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Sarah Bond Sarah Bond EY Home Page Business Application Manager at Ernst & Young Sarah Bond graduated from Kent State with a Master of Information Architecture and Knowledge Management in 2005. Since prior to graduation, she has been working for Ernst & Young as the Lead Business Application Manager for the EY Home Page until September 2014 when she moved into the Talent group to manage the Welcome to EY Portal for new hires. In addition she is working on the global learning transformation where EY aims to become a best in class learning organization. Over the past 11 years at EY, she has focused on the usability and information architecture of the enterprise Intranet, used by over 190,000 employees globally as well as the mobile intranet imitation among many other things. Some of the most intriguing projects she has led have involved establishing Intranet instances for other countries such as Japan, Israel, Australia, Europe and South America prior to the Intranet’s globalization in 2010. The study of user interaction among different cultures still remains one of Sarah’s biggest interests. Sarah lives in Beachwood Ohio with her husband and 2 dogs.

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