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Javier Velasco Javier Velasco Santiago City Leader @mantruc A world-class problem-solver, I've been improving my clients' technology systems for over ten years, delivering bottom-line results for leading companies in a variety of industries. I can design with a blindfold on, I can design with my feet; my coworkers call me into their meetings to solve their problems when they get stuck. I have fifteen years of expertise in UX design & research on websites and online software in waterfall and agile environments. I have developed the UX process for organizations and led teams of designers at design agencies, libraries, academia, media and software companies. This includes all aspects of the product cycle including strategy, information architecture, interaction design, information design, development and usability evaluation; creating documentation and presenting results to a variety of stakeholders including developers, government representatives, VPs and CEOs. And then, I can do it all over again in Spanish! As researcher I have focused on Social Media and Information Retrieval, conducting primary and applied research. Experience speaking and teaching at major universities, in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, USA, Canada and Italy. Leadership in development of UX-related professional organizations and publications; it's safe to claim I've been key to the growth of UX in Latin America. Specialties: Pattern Finding. Flexibility for problem solving in complex environments. Web-software, E-commerce, Online Newspapers, Online Communities, Social Media. List of publications and full teaching positions available on full CV, upon request. SILS at UNC is ranked #2 for Information Science schools by US News College Rankings.

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