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Denise Kadilak Denise Kadilak Information Architect/Team Manager at Blackbaud Denise Kadilak is a Team Manager/ Information Architect with Blackbaud, Inc. In her job with Blackbaud, she spends a large amount of time testing/researching tools and documentation strategies, implementing/maintaining team workflows and processes, and training team members. She also has an extensive background as a presenter, presenting on topics ranging from advanced MadCap Flare features to the Agile-based development process at conferences that include the 2013 CMS/DITA North America conference, WritersUA (2009-2014), and STC international conferences and chapter meetings. In addition to her position at Blackbaud, Denise is a part-time faculty member at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, teaching the Technical Writing course included in the school’s Professional Writing program.

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