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Cynthia Owens Cynthia Owens Senior Consultant, XPLANE @xplane Cynthia is an agile and innovative thinker with experience living and working in Asia for 20 years -- Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore -- and working for multinational companies in the U.S. -- New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and Portland. She spent 2 decades as a journalist and media executive for The Wall Street Journal, ABC News and CNBC Asia. Since 2007, Cynthia has worked to help multinational companies create solutions that achieve their goals. She is currently at XPLANE, which helps companies envision the right solutions to accelerate change and align teams around strategic initiatives. XPLANE uses design thinking so clients can imagine new processes, develop innovative ideas and build better organizational structures. XPLANE brings together Cynthia's experience as a journalist, media executive and management consultant to help organizations uncover creative answers to some of their thorniest issues. The principles of visual thinking and co-creating solutions with clients combine to make XPLANE solutions more successful faster.

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