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Whether you are ready to run a World IA Day location or want to somehow involve your school, company or local business, we are always looking for new local and global leaders to bring IA to their local community. We are currently focused on our 2015 event, but if you are interested in being a leader in 2016, please contact us at volunteer@worldiaday.org.

As a local leader you will:

  • Build a local team
  • Cast local talent to speak or run workshops
  • Work with local businesses to secure the resources needed to run a free one day event
  • Market your event within your community
  • See your community gather around something you created


Wherever you live, we are always looking for talented and dedicated people to help make World IA Day a successful and loved event.

We are actively looking for:

  • Photographers & Videographers close to 2015 locations
  • Designers & Writers to work with the global brand team
  • Fund Raising Rock Stars who are able to help raise global or local funds
  • Technical Wizards able to whip Wordpress into useful awesomeness
  • Speakers willing to donate their time and talent speaking at World IA Day
  • Teachers and students interested in being involved with World IA Day

If you want to give your time and talent to our organization, please get in touch at volunteer@worldiaday.org.


If you think that having World IA Day come to your hometown is a great idea, consider pitching the idea to your boss. Sponsoring a World IA Day location is an accessible sponsorship opportunity for most organizations, even small ones. If you happen to be growing the team, this provides a unique opportunity to bring local talent together around something they are interested in.

We are actively seeking:

  • Global Event Sponsors to cover web hosting and live streaming of all locations
  • Local Event Sponsors to cover venue, a/v and attendee experience
  • In Kind Donations of food, coffee, a/v services, venues, staff services, gifts for attendees

Contact us at sponsorship@worldiaday.org to find the right sponsorship opportunity for you.


Whether it is ten dollars or one hundred, we will use your hard earned money wisely. We want to make sure that important content from World IA Day is captured for the rest of the world to enjoy. By donating to the IA Institute, you are not only supporting the World IA Day event, but also the growing IA Library program and mentorship program.

"More devices are coming online every day, creating and accessing ever more information. IA is how we make sense of it. Celebrate WIAD with us!"

Jorge Arango, CEO BootStudio @jarango @bootstudio


Whatever your interests, we'd love to hear from you.
Volunteer: volunteer@worldiaday.org
Sponsor: sponsorship@worldiaday.org
General: info@worldiaday.org
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